Jonathan Shedler, PhD

case consultation & supervision

I provide case consultation and clinical supervision to mental health professionals worldwide.

My approach

Our patients recreate their problematic relationship patterns with us in the therapy relationship. Our unavoidable participation in these patterns provides a crucial window into their inner world.

Our unexpected participation in our patients’ problematic relational patterns necessarily stirs up difficult feelings for us. It is not a question of if we experience difficult feelings, but of whether we can use them constructively, in the service of understanding and change. Parallel feelings and patterns can emerge in clinical consultation (“parallel process”), often leading to rich insights into clinical challenges.

Because consultation is most helpful when therapists speak openly and freely, I work to foster the mutual trust necessary for open communication. In theoretical terms, I strive to provide a frame that facilitates exploration of transference, countertransference, enactments, and parallel process.

Consultation sessions typically move fluidly between process and technique, theory, and practical clinical guidance. I draw on multiple theoretical models according to their relevance to the individual patient and the clinical material. One theoretical lens never fits all.

  • Fees for mental health professionals
  • The fee for clinical consultation is $425 per 50 minute appointment. For small consultation groups, the fee is divided among the participants.

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